Top 10 Attractions in Lisbon, Portugal

These are the top ten attractions that I highly recommend you check out if you ever decide to visit Lisbon! I actually travelled to Portugal quite a while ago as part of a family holiday; we first went to Fatima for a few days but the majority of our holiday was in Lisbon. It was all planned out by my Dad and we visited many of the main attractions but this post will have a list of the ones that I personally enjoyed the most and which I think are worth your time to visit.

{ Most of the images included are my own but credit is given to the ones that are not }

1. Jerónimos Monastery

Opening Times: 10am – 5:30pm

Admission Prices: €10 per person, free for children up to the age of 12

You can buy a deal ticket where you pay a cheaper amount to visit of combination of attractions! Check online to find the different types.

A fair warning, the queues for this are pretty long but that was the case for most of the main attractions in Lisbon. However, I do have to say that it was worth it because the architecture is just honestly so beautiful and so intricate. Even whilst waiting in the queue, you are able to see delicate carvings on the exterior of the monastery and the whole place is just full of them. My favourite part was the church and the cloisters (shown below) which have a lovely little garden in the middle with a fountain right in the centre. I would recommend going on a more sunny day to fully appreciate and enjoy it, so that you can properly see the detail in the monastery.

From the monastery to the next top attraction is almost like a mini attraction in itself. It is a wonderful little walk with such gorgeous views and a beautiful huge fountain (I am a massive lover of fountains as you can probably tell) and full of greenery, so take your time to take it all in to fully enjoy it.

2. Belém Tower

Opening Times: 10am – 5:30pm

Admission Prices: €6 per person, free for children up to the age of 12


Me (in the turquoise outfit) with my brother!

This attraction offers lovely views of the sea from the top of the tower as well as little mini adventures whilst you explore the inside. There are some parts that are quite small and if there are a lot of tourists, it can be a little too close for comfort – especially the tiny stairwells where only one person is able to climb them at one time. However, both me and my brother enjoyed it a lot because we were small compared to the adults so it was no problem for us but everyone definitely loved the views at the top; the breeze just feels so pleasant, especially on a really sunny and hot day.

There is also a small beach to the right of the tower, as well as a park, so it’s perfect if you have any friends or family that would prefer to just sit down and relax whilst you go inside.

3. São Jorge Castle

Opening Times: 9am – 9pm (March – October) / 9am – 6pm (November – February)

Admission Prices: €8.50 for adults / €5.00 for a child / €20.00 for a family

Be sure to wear comfortable footwear when visiting this attraction because it is absolutely massive. There are just endless little nooks and crannies to explore and the castle itself is situated on a hill (you will have to walk up it to get there!) so you are able to look out at the whole of Lisbon.


Views from the top of the castle

There are some little areas where they have very steep stairs with no handrails for support so I would personally not advise any pregnant women or anyone with a disability to go up them but most of the castle grounds are safe. There are statues and greenery all around, and we even saw a few peacocks just casually walking around.

4. Rua Augusta

This attraction is just basically this really long, pedestrianized street just full of shops and restaurants. It may sound simple but it honestly feels so relaxing to just walk up and down and browse through the shops. We also had lunch in one of the outdoor seating areas under the shade of an umbrella, and you can feel the light breeze coming from the sea at the end of the street whilst you enjoy your meal and it is just one of those simple pleasures of life.

5. Praça do Comércio

After walking along Rua Augusta you come to the end of it where there is a huge arch, followed by a large open square with a statue of King José I on his horse. On the sides there are various little cafés – for a little bit of history and if you don’t mind spending a little bit extra, I recommend the Café Martinho da Arcada which is the oldest café in Lisbon.

6. Oceanário de Lisboa

Opening Times: 10am – 8pm (Closes at 7pm during the winter)

Admission Prices: €10 for children / €15 for adult / €39 for a family (Can get 10% off if you buy tickets online!)

For more interactive activities and attractions, I recommend the aquarium at Lisbon – which is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe!

They have mammals, birds, fish and plants and I personally loved the tropical section where they had little wooden bridges completely surrounded by palm trees and plants on both sides.

7. Lisbon Zoo 

Opening Times: 10am – 8pm (March – September) / 10am – 6pm (Winter Time)

Admission Prices: €14,50 for children / €20,50 for adults

There is a large variety of different animals to see as well as lots of different shows and feedings to watch. There are also trains and cable cars to allow you to tour around most parts of the zoo. I enjoyed the dolphin shows the most and I highly recommend this attraction for families and children – I have a younger brother who was 3 years old at the time and he loved every bit of it.


Dolphin and sea-lion shows and feeding. They also randomly pick children from the audience to ride on a small boat which is pulled by the dolphins.

8. Telecabine Lisboa

Opening Times: Usually from 11am – 7pm (can vary slightly depending on the time of year)

Admission Prices: 

  • One Way = €2 for children / €3.95 for adults / Free for children up to 7 years old
  • Round Trip = €3,35 for children / €5,90 for adults

This is a cable car attraction and it is located right next to the aquarium on one end and the Vasco de Gama tower on the other, and it gives you a nice view of everything in between these 2 different locations as you are transported over the water.

We also had lunch at one of the restaurants along this part of the area in Lisbon and the food itself was good (not amazing) but the whole restaurant is actually on the water so it’s lovely for some drinks and a light snack or lunch, especially if you’re on the outdoor deck. There are a few other restaurants as well with different settings, foods and prices so just find the one that is most suitable for you.

9. Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Opening Times: 10am – 7pm (March – September) / 10am – 6pm (October – February)

Admission Prices: €4 per person / €10 for a family

This attraction is near the Belém Tower and I recommend it if you really love architecture. It is very unique and interesting to look at (picture below) and you can also climb it for views of the sea from the top.

10. Time Out Market Lisboa

Opening Times: 10am – Midnight (Sunday – Wednesday) / 10am – 2am (Thursday – Saturday)

Lastly, to finish my recommended top ten attractions, is the Time Out Market. This is the only attraction on this post that I have not actually visited myself but I have read a lot of reviews about it online and I would love to visit it if I were to go to Lisbon again.

This is a great place to check out for any food lovers out there (Definitely me) to try out all sorts of meats, fish and fruit. It’s fairly new but it has some of the top restaurants which have been tried and tested by critics and have a four or five-star rating, which means the tastiest food for sure.

If you do go there, be sure to comment below and tell me about the experience and what your favourite food was!

Until next time, thank you for reading! ♥


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